Standard Merchant Tanker 2TM Class

(2TM SOEI MARU postwar )

The Standard 2TM tankers were designed for mass production and, as such, the Japanese designers were forced to make compromises in construction. For example, the 2TMs had fewer transverse frames than comparable sized tankers, thus weakening their hulls. They also had no double bottom compartments. As designed, they were slow and fragile targets.

Thirty-four 2TM tankers were completed during the war including AYAYUKI, AYAGIRI, AYAZONO, BAIEI, CERAM, HIKOSHIMA, HOSHO, KOSHIN, OEI, RYUEI, SANYO, SHIMOTSU, TAISHO, YOSHIN MARUs and 20 others.

Builders and
Years Completed:
Hitachi, Osaka and others
Gross Tonnage: 2,850-tons (nominal).
Dimensions: 324'10" x 45'3" x 19'10"
Propulsion: 1 geared steam turbine, 1 shaft maximum speed 11.5 knots
Oil Cargo Capacity: E 3,500-tons of crude oil @7.33 barrels per metric ton
Armament: Unknown