SHUNKO MARU Class Auxiliary Transports

(SHUNKO MARU prewar)

This class consists of HUNKO, KIRIKAWA, MATSUKAWA, MOMOKAWA, KIKUKAWA and HIYOSHI MARUs completed between 36 and 41 for various shipping companies.

KIRIKAWA, HIYOSHI and KIKUKAWA MARUs were requisitioned by the IJN and were converted to auxiliary transports. SHUNKO, MATSUKAWA and MOMOKAWA were requisitioned by the IJA and served as Army transports. All ships in this class were sunk during the Pacific War from various causes.

Builder and Year Completed: Kawasaki Zosensho, Kobe shipyard, 1936 -1941
Gross tonnage: 3,829-4,046-tons
Dimensions: 354.7' x 49.9' x 27.6'
Propulsion: Steam Turbines, 1 shaft, 2,100 n.h.p.
Speed: 12 cruising, 16 max.
Armament: One 8cm/40 deck gun, one 7.7mm MG, five rifles.