SHOSEI MARU - Class Auxiliary Transport

(SHOSEI MARU prewar Peter Cundall Collection)

This class consists of SHOSEI MARU only, probably completed in 29 for Amagasaki Kisenbu G.K. She was requisitioned in Oct 38 by the IJN and converted to an auxiliary gunboat. SHOSEI MARU was re-rated an auxiliary transport in Feb. She was either bombed or shelled by USN Aircraft and sunk in Tanapag Harbour, Saipan in Jun 44.

Builder and Year Completed: Osaka. Amagasaki Zosensho K.K.
April 1929
Gross tonnage: 998-tons.
Dimensions: 210.0' (Lpp) x 30.5' x 18.7'
Propulsion: One reciprocating steam engine, one shaft, 740 shp.
Speed: Unknown.
Armament: Two Type 3 12cm/45cal deck gun, two 7.7mm MGs, one Type 11 6.5mm light MG, Type 38 Arisaka rifles, Nambu handguns, land-type pistols, one 75cm searchlight, one 1.5m rangefinder, Type 95 DCs, one DC launcher, two DC racks, mines.