SHOHEI MARU-Class Auxiliary Transport

(SHOHEI MARU prewar)

This class only consists of SHOHEI MARU, completed in 1931 for Shimatani Kisen K.K., Kobe. The ship is unusual in that she has no funnel casing, relying on only a small pipe to dispose of diesel emission. Only SHOHEI, TAIHEI and KURAMA MARUs in the Japanese merchant fleet followed this design; however it was common in the Danish merchant fleet. Chartered to Mitsui Bussan KK before the Pacific War, SHOHEI MARU was requisitioned by the IJN in Sep 41. SHOHEI MARU was torpedoed and sunk by an American submarine W of Luzon in May 44.

Builder and Year Completed: Tama. Mitsui Bussan K.K. Zosenbu Kojo Shipyard.
Gross tonnage: 7,255-tons
Dimensions: 437.0' x 57.7' x 26.2'
Propulsion: 1 B &W diesel engine, 1 shaft, 1,700 nhp
Speed: 12 knots cruising, 15 knots max.
Armament: Unknown.