SHOAN MARU-Class Auxiliary Transport

(SHOAN MARU prewar)

This class consists of SHOAN, SHOEI (41 MATSUE) and MEIYO MARUs, completed between 37 and 40 for various shipping companies. All were requisitioned by the IJN in 41, SHOEI MARU as an auxiliary repair ship, the two others as auxiliary transports. SHOEI and MEIYO MARUs were torpedoed and sunk by US submarines, the former off New Ireland in May 42, the latter off New Britain in Aug 42. SHOAN MARU was bombed and sunk by US aircraft at Saipan, in Feb 44.

Builder and Years Completed: Tama. Tama K.K. Zosensho shipyard
Gross tonnage: 5,624-5,644-tons
Dimensions: 409.4' x 55.1' x 30.8'
Propulsion: 1 reciprocating triple expansion steam engine with exhaust turbine, 1 shaft, 2,300 nhp
Speed: 12 knots cruising, 15 knots max.
Armament: Various depending of use.