SHINSHU MARU Landing Craft Depot Ship


The Imperial Army's SHINSHU MARU was the world's first landing craft carrier ship. She could carry a total of 2,200 assault troops and was purposely designed to transport landing vessels and troops to a landing area. She launched Daihatsu landing craft quickly from a gate at her stern or from gates at the side.

(SHINSHU MARU preparing to launch landing craft)

SHINSHU MARU, also designated RYUJO MARU, participated in landing operations in China, Malaya and Java. She also was used for fueling and barge support. In January 1945, SHINSHU MARU was torpedoed and damaged by an American submarine off Formosa and sunk the next day by carrier aircraft from Task Force 38.

Builder and Year Completed: Harima Shipbuilding
Displacement: 8,130-tons.
Dimensions: 507' x 61'9" x 29"3"
Propulsion: Engaged turbines, 1
shaft, 8,000 shp
max. speed 19 knots
Armament & Equipment: 4 x 75mm Type 88 air defense guns 4 x 20mm anti-aircraft guns; 4 AB-Tei support vessels, 29 Daihatsu landing craft, 25 Shohatsu landing craft, 2,200 troop capacity.
Complement: 220