Shinko Maru Class Auxiliary Minelayer

(Cargo ship by Takeshi Yuki scanned from "Color Paintings of Japanese Warships")

Completed as a cargo ship in 1935, SHINKO MARU was converted to an auxiliary minelayer in 1941. She participated in the invasions of Lesser Sunda Islands, NEI and the extensive mining of the Yellow Sea. SHINKO MARU was bombed and sunk off Luzon, Philippines in October 1944.

Builder and Year Completed: Yokohama Dockyard, 1935.
Displacement: 6,479-tons.
Dimensions: 436' x 58 x 31
Propulsion and Speed: 1 diesel, 1 shaft; 14 knots.
120-mm (4.7 inch) guns, 13mm machine gun, 7.7mm machine guns, carried a large, but unknown number of mines.