IJN Shinano: Tabular Record of Movement

© 2001 Anthony P. Tully

June 1942:
Construction at Yokosuka as a battleship of the YAMATO-class suspended; and reconstruction as an aircraft-carrier begins.

5 October 1944:
"Launched" with the flooding of the construction drydock. However, an accident causes preciptous flooding of the dock, and some slight damage to the hydrophone compartment in the bow is caused when it rams against the dock edge. This is swiftly put right, and final fitting out proceeds.

1 November 1944:
Photograped by B-29 while moored outside the entrance to Yokosuka Harbor. (As a result of this growing enemy interest and danger, the decision is made to transfer the SHINANO to Kure, though final fitting out is still incomplete.)

11 November 1944:
1500: On trials in Kisarazu Bay. The only beam photograph found of her is taken on this date.

19 November 1944:
Officially commissioned at Yokosuka, Captain Abe Toshio assigned as commanding officer.

28 November 1944:
1330 Depart Yokosuka for Kure, carrying six `Shinyo' suicide-boats, 50 Ohka rocket-bombs and personnel of the "Thunder-Gods" unit. Escorted by ComDesDiv 17 Shintani Kiichi's ISOKAZE (flag), YUKIKAZE, and HAMAKAZE.

29 November 1944:
At 0309 near position bearing 198 degrees 108 miles from Omae-zaki lighthouse struck by four torpedoes in the starboard side fired by USS ARCHERFISH. At first the damage - though severe -- is judged manageable, and the carrier is able to maintain speed and course. However, progressive flooding through incomplete fittings spreads, and a heavy list to starboard develops. Captain Abe orders the three outboard port boiler rooms flooded to take some of the list off. At dawn SHINANO had steamed 36 miles from where torpedoed and was still making 11 knots, when boiler feed water failed. At 0745 the SHINANO goes dead in the water. At 0850 HAMAKAZE and ISOKAZE take in tow, and building to 3 knots start to move toward Cape Ushio to beach her. However, the strain grows too great and the tow has to be abandoned. The list to starboard resumes and increases, and at 1018 Captain Abe gives the order to Abandon Ship. The YUKIKAZE comes alongside to starboard to remove the crew.

Sunk: At 1057 hours rolls over to starboard completely bottom up, then sinks by the stern in position 33-07'N, 137-04'E, taking down Captain Abe (by his choice), 1,435 officers and men, the 50 Ohka rocket bombs and 6 Shinyo suicide boats. Rescued are 55 officers, 993 petty officers and men, plus 32 civilians for a total of 1,080 survivors (including 3 of the Ohka pilots). In addition, the HAMAKAZE does recover the Imperial Portrait found floating on the sea.

30 November 1944:
1700: ISOKAZE, HAMAKAZE, and YUKIKAZE arrive at Kure. SHINANO's survivors are quarantined till January 1945 on the island of Mitsuko-jima in Kure Bay.

31 August 1945:
Removed from Navy List.

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