Target ship SETTSU

(IJN SETTSU prewar - colorized photo by Irootoko Jr)

Completed in 1908-1909 as dreadnought battleships, both KAWACHI and sister SETTSU saw frontline service for the Allies in World War I.

In 1924, under the terms of the Washington Naval Treaty, SETTSU was disarmed and converted to a target ship. In 1940, she was used to train carrier pilots in the Inland Sea.

During the Pacific War, SETTSU was used for bombing and torpedo training. In July 1945, SETTSU was destroyed at Etajima by aircraft of Task Force 38.

Vessel Builder Dimensions Displacement Machinery Speed Armament Crew
Kure Navy Yard 533'x84'x28' 21,787-tons normal). 2-shafts, 2×Brown-Curtis turbines, 16×Miyabara boilers, 25,000 shp, 20.5 knots 4×12 in/50 cal (2x2), 8×12 in/45 cal (4x2), 10×6 in/50 cal, 8×4.7 in/40 cal, 8×3 in/40 cal, 4×3 in/25 cal AA, 4×6.5 mm MG, 5×submerged 18 in TT 986