SEIGA MARU - Class Auxiliary Transport

(SEIGA MARU as OCEAN at Hong Kong, 9 Apr 70. It is highly likely that the ships appearance has been altered substantially from her wartime appearance. Photo Credit Wm. Schell)

This class consists of SEIGA MARU and KAIKA MARU, respectively completed in Jul 42 and Apr 43 for Dairen Kisen K.K. Both were requisitioned by the IJN as general requisitioned transports. KAIKA MARU was converted to an auxiliary transport in Jan 44, being torpedoed and sunk later that month by an American submarine. SEIGA MARU survived the war and was renamed several times. She was mined and sunk in the Mekong River outside Phnom-Penh Docks near Chrui Changuar Island in Mar 72.

Builder and Year Completed: Dairen. Dairen Senkyo Tekko K.K.
1942 and 1943
Gross tonnage: From 2,087-tons to 2,090-tons.
Dimensions: 281.2' (Lpp) x 41.0' x 21.3'
Propulsion: One triple expansion reciprocating steam engine, one shaft, 1,100 b.h.p
Speed: Cruising: 10 knots Max : unknown.
Armament: Unknown