(Sagara Maru in 1942 camouflage)

In 1941, before the start of the Pacific War, the SAKITO MARU-class transports SANUKI and SAGARA MARUs were requisitioned from their owners by the IJN and converted to seaplane carriers/tenders at Mitsubishi Shipbuildings' Nagasaki (SANUKI) and Yokohama (SAGARA) shipyards. Both the SAGARA and SANUKI MARUs were rerated as transports in 1942.

Years Completed: SANUKI MARU: 1939
Displacement: 7, 189-tons.
Dimensions: Length 479', beam 62', draft 32' td>
Propulsion: 2 Mitsubishi-Sulzer diesels, 2 shaft, 16, 0600 shp.
Armament: 2 x 5.9-inch, (plus 2 x 3-inch AA - KIMIKAWA and KIYOKAWA MARUs only), 2 x 13mm MG
Conversion: Aft well deck fitted with two 56' catapults, cranes fitted to recover aircraft.
Aircraft: 8 Type 95 Kawanishi E8N “Dave” 2 seat reconnaissance float biplanes, 4 Type 0 Aichi E13A1 "Jakes" .