SANSEI MARU - Class Auxiliary collier

(SANSEI MARU, prewar)

This class consists of SANSEI MARU only, completed in 1936 for Yamashita Kisen K.K. She was requisitioned in Dec ‘41 by the IJN and registered in Apr ‘42 as an auxiliary collier. In Jun’44, she was torpedoed and sunk by an American submarine in the Tsushima Strait.

Builder and Year Completed: Uraga. Uraga Senkyo K.K. shipyard.
Gross tonnage: 2,386-tons
Dimensions: 287.7’(lpp) x 43.0' x 21.7'
Propulsion: One compound steam engine, one shaft, 1,300 shp.
Speed: Cruising: 11 knots – Max: 12.5 knots.
Armament: One Type 92 7.7mm Mod A MG and five type 38 ‘Arisaka’ rifles.