RYOYO MARU - Class Auxiliary Collier/oiler

(RYOYO MARU, prewar)

TThis class consists of RYOYO and SOYO MARU both completed in Jan 31 for Toyo Kisen K.K. RYOYO MARU was requisitioned by the IJA and seved as Army transport No. 488. SOYO MARU was requisitioned by the IJA and then by the IJN and was registered in the IJN in May 39 as an auxiliary transport and rerated an auxiliary collier/oiler in Nov 40. Both were torpedoed and sunk in Dec 43 and May 44 by American submarines.

Builder and Year Completed: Ryoyo Maru: Kawasaki K.K., Kobe
Soyo Maru: Asano Zosensho shipyard.
Gross tonnage: 5,973-tons and 6,081-tons
Dimensions: 432.1(loa) x 56.1' x 39.0'
Propulsion: One diesel engine, one shaft, 2,500 shp.
Speed: Cruising: 12 knots Max: 14 knots.
Armament: Unknown.