Ryochi Maru Class Transport

(Similar size Japanese cargo ship, prewar)

This class consisted of RYOCHI MARU completed in 1910 for the Alaska Steamship Co., Inc. as cargo ship LATOUCHE. Captured by the
Japanese in Manila in '41 and later renamed RYOCHI MARU. She was bombed and sunk by USN Task Group 38.2's carrier-based aircraft in '44.

Builder and
Year Completed:
The Moran Co., Seattle, WA.
Gross tonnage: 2,332-tons
Dimensions: 240' x 41' x 20'
Propulsion: 1 x 3-cyl. triple expansion engine, single shaft, 1 screw, 186 n.h.p
Speed: E 10 knots
Armament: Unknown Unknown