Risshun Maru Class Transport

(RISSHUN MARU, prewar)

Completed in 1906, named IDA and registered in Trieste, Austria. In 1936, sold to Japanese owners and renamed RISSHUN MARU.
In 1941, she was requisitioned by the Imperial Army (IJA) as a troop transport and participated in the Invasion of Malaya.
RISSHUN MARU was sunk in 1944 by Task Force 38 aircraft in Manila Bay.

Builders and
Year Completed:
Russell & Cos Kingston Yard, Port Glasgow, Scotland
Gross tonnage: 4,730-tons
Dimensions: 370' (lpp) x 49 x 19.2"
Propulsion: Triple expansion steam engine, single shaft, 410 N.H.P.
Speed: 10 knots
Armament: Unknown Unknown