PEACETIME STANDARD TYPE (1D) Class Auxiliary oilers

(KOTOKU MARU in wartime)

This class consists of 26 ships completed between 37 and 43 for various shipping companies. The following ones were requisitioned by the IJN and converted to auxiliary oilers: NICHINAN, KOTOKU, TOKUWA, NIKKAKU and NICHIYOKU. All were sunk during the Pacific War from various causes.

Builder and Year Completed: Various.
Between 1937 and 1943
Gross tonnage: From 1,898-tons to 1,960-tons
Dimensions: 271.7' x 40.0' x 20,3'
Propulsion: 1 Triple expansion reciprocated steam engine, 1 shaft, 1,300 n.h.p.
Speed: 10 knots cruising, 13 max.
Armament: One 8cm/40 deck gun, one single 25mm Type 96 gun, two single 13mm Type 93 MGs, one 7,7mm MG, five rifles, 2 DCs, one hydrophone.