(HOZAN MARU in wartime)

42 Peacetime Standard (C) Type cargo ships were completed between April 40 and Nov 43 for various shipping companies. Six were converted to temporary tankers: KANETSU, SHOEI, NITTATSU and HOZAN MARUs, UNKAI MARU No. 5 and UNKAI MARU No. 12. During the Pacific War, SHOEI and NITTATSU MARUs were under the Senpaku Uneikai (Civilian Shipping Administration) control, HOZAN MARU was requisitioned by the IJA as Army tanker No. 1081, KANETSU MARU, UNKAI MARU No. 5 and UNKAI MARU No. 12 were requisitioned by the IJN as general requisitioned tankers. All were sunk between Apr 44 and Jul 45 from various causes. KANETSU MARU was salvaged after the war and ultimately broken up in Jun 69.

Builder and Year Completed: Various shipyards.
Between 1940 and 1943
Gross tonnage: From 2,721-tons to 2,961-tons
Dimensions: 307.7' Lpp x 44.9' x 24.9'
Propulsion: Compound Engine, 1 shaft, 1400 shp.
Speed: 11.5 knots cruising, 14 knots max.
Armament: Unknown