Peacetime Standard Cargo Ship Type 1B

( FUSHIMI MARU No. 3, Type 1B Standard Cargo Ship)

Peacetime Standard Merchant Type 1Bs were not significantly different from Type 1BWartime cargo designs. The Type 1Bs used coal-fired steam turbine engines with machinery admidships. They had five deck hatches and double bottoms.

Builders: Mitsubishi Jukogyo K.K. Zosensho, Yokohama and others.
Years Completed: 1937-1942.
Gross Tonnage: 4,300-tons nominal
Dimensions: 367.5' x 51'3" x 29'6"
Propulsion: Coal fired, turbine engine, 1-shaft, cruising speed 11 knots,
Armament: Unknown