Otowasan Maru Class Auxiliary Oiler

In 1941, OTOWASAN MARU was requisitioned by the Imperial Army as an auxiliary tanker. In Dec '43, she was released from IJA service and returned to commercial service. OTOWASAN MARU's sister was OMUROSAN MARU. She too was requisitioned by the IJA as an auxiliary tanker and later released, but in Jan '43 was requisitioned by the IJN and remained in their service. Both sisters were sunk off Indochina in Dec '44.

Builder and
Year Completed:
Mitsui Shipbuilding
Gross Tonnage: 9,204 tons-tons.
Dimensions: 491'x 65' x 35.8
Propulsion: 7,802 hp diesel engines, speed 18.8 knots
Oil Cargo Capacity: 83,339 barrels @ 42 gals/barrel or approx. 11,506-tons of crude oil @7.33 barrels per metric ton
Armament: Unknown