OTORI MARU - Class Auxiliary Transport

(OTORI MARU hull on the stocks. No photo or plan of the completed vessel has been located)

This class consists of OTORI and TOAN MARUs and DAIGEN MARU No. 10, all completed between Mar 43 and Oct 43 for various shipping companies. OTORI and TOAN MARUs were requisitioned by the IJN, the latter as a general requisitioned transport. OTORI MARU was converted in Oct 43 to an auxiliary transport. DAIGEN MARU No. 10 remained under civilian control. All were sunk from various causes between May 44 and Sep 44.

Builder and Year Completed: Osaka. Namura Zosensho K.K.
Gross tonnage: From 2,105-tons to 2,110-tons.
Dimensions: 273.0' (Lpp) x 40.0' x 20.3'
Propulsion: One triple expansion reciprocating steam engine, one shaft, 1,300 bhp.
Speed: Cruising: Unknown.
Armament: Unknown