(Type 1TM Standard Tanker underway)

Tabular Record of Movement

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E 1943:
Osaka. Laid down at Hitachi Zosen K.K., as a 5,068-ton Standard Type 1TM tanker for Mitsui Sempaku, K.K., Tokyo.

Launched and named OGURASAN MARU.

September 1943:
Completed and requisitioned by the Japanese Government's Senpaku Uneikai civilian wartime shipping authority. Chartered to the Imperial Army with a civilian crew.

24 November 1943:
At 1300, OGURASAN MARU departs St Jacques in convoy No. 444 also consisting of TEIRITSU (ex-French LECONTE DE LISLE), TAINAN, TARUSHIMA and SANTOS MARUs and four unidentified ships escorted by auxiliary gunboat KAZAN (HUASHAN) MARU. OGURASAN MARU carries a cargo of aviation gasoline.

26 November 1943:
16 nms E of Baie de Xuan, Annam, Indochina. At about 0445, LtCdr (later Rear Admiral, Ret) Walter T. Griffith’s USS BOWFIN (SS-287) torpedoes and sinks OGURASAN MARU at 13-25N-109-30E. 30 crewmen are lost.

At 0452, BOWFIN (SS-287) also torpedoes and sinks TAINAN MARU at the same location. 24 crewmen are KIA.

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