Odomari in 1921

IJN Icebreaker ODOMARI:
Tabular Record of Movement

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24 June 1921:
Kobe. Laid down at Kawasaki Zosensho shipyard as a 2,330-ton ice breaker for the IJN.

1 October 1921:
Lt (later Capt) Kokusho Yukitaka (37) is appointed Chief Equipping Officer.

3 October 1921:
Launched and named ODOMARI.

7 November 1921:
Completed and attached to the Maizuru Naval District. Lt Kokusho is the acting Commanding Officer.

15 November 1921:
Cdr (later Rear Admiral) Yoshitake Junzo (32) is appointed Commanding Officer.

February-March 1922:
ODOMARI’s bow is strengthened and she is modified by the addition of a raised poop deck and a ballast keel.

10 November 1922:
Cdr (later Rear Admiral) Ota Shichihei (32) is appointed CO.

December 1922:
Assigned to the Ominato Guard District and attached to the Yokosuka Naval District. Commences regular traffic between the ports on Hokkaido and Sakhalin.

15 October 1923:
Cdr (later Captain) Sato Hideo (33) is appointed CO.

7 January 1924:
Rishiri Island off the coast of Hokkaido. In bad weather, and due to poor ship handling, ODOMARI runs aground on the SW coast of the Oniwaki anchorage.

4 February 1924:
Drydocked in Hakodate for repairs.

25 October 1924:
Cdr (later Rear Admiral) Monai Isao (33) is appointed CO.

1 July 1925:
Captain Hirayama Sakae (31)(former CO of KAMOI) is appointed CO.

1 August 1925:
Cdr Ishikawa Shingo (33) is appointed CO.

1 November 1926:
Cdr (later Captain) Ono Isao (34) is appointed CO.

1 December 1927:
Cdr (later RAdm, posthumously) Yamagata Shosuke (34) is appointed CO. Cdr Ono is promoted Captain and appointed CO of TSURUMI.

8 December 1927:
Captain Ono Isao (34) is appointed CO.

25 March 1928:
Cdr Koyama Taiji (34) (current CO of Ominato Defense Corps) is appointed CO as an additional duty.

1 May 1928:
Captain Soga Seiichiro (35) is appointed CO.

1 May 1929:
Cdr (later Captain) Yamada Sadao (36) (former CO of MINAZUKI) is appointed CO.

30 November 1929:
Cdr Yamada is promoted Captain.

1 December 1930:
Cdr (later Captain) Oni Toshitami (36) is appointed CO. Captain Yamada is appointed CO of NAKA.

2 November 1931:
Cdr (Vice Admiral, posthumously) Kusakawa Kiyoshi (38) is appointed CO.

Performs surveys of ice fields, keeps vital sea channels open and conducts patrols in northern waters.

15 November 1932:
Cdr (later Captain) Itani Yoshiharu (38) is appointed CO.

15 November 1933:
Captain Tsukahara Taneichi (39) is appointed CO.

15 November 1934:
Cdr (later Vice Admiral) Miyazato Shutoku (40) (former XO of AOBA) is appointed CO.

15 November 1935:
Cdr (later Captain) Morita Kazuo (39)(former CO of UJI) is appointed CO.

2 November 1936:
Cdr (Rear Admiral, posthumously) Eguchi Matsuro (40) is appointed CO.

Two Type 96 25-mm AA guns and two 13.2-mm machine guns are fitted.

15 November 1938:
Cdr Eguchi is promoted Captain.

15 December 1938:
Captain (Vice Admiral, posthumously) Monzen Tei (42)(former XO of HYUGA) is appointed CO.

15 November 1939:
Captain Murayama Seiroku (42)(former CO of NIPPONKAI MARU) is appointed CO.

1 November 1940:
Captain Imamura Yukihiko (42)(former CO of SHIRATAKA) is appointed CO.

8 December 1941:
In the Local Defense Squadron of the Ominato Guard District.

15 June 1942:
Captain Oka Tsuneo (41) (former CO of IWATE) is appointed CO.

4 April 1943:
ODOMARI begins stopping, boarding and inspecting Soviet ships in waters north of the USSR.

15 April 1943:
Stops, boards and inspects two Soviet ships.

16 April 1943:
Stops, boards and inspects three Soviet ships.

28 April 1943:
Departs Odomari port (now Korsakov), Sakhalin. Stops, boards and inspects Soviet-flagged "Liberty-Ship" KAMENETS-PODOLSK (ex-ROBERT S. ABBOTT) and escorts it to Odomari port.

30 April 1943:
Returns to Odomari.

25 June 1943:
Intercepts the Soviet operated, US-built NOGIN (ex-EWA) in La Perouse (Soya) Strait and escorted it to Odomari port.

28 June 1943:
KAMENETS-PODOLSK is released from Odomari.

5 December 1943:
Captain Chiba Tsuguo (44) (former CO of KATSURIKI) is appointed CO.

9 January 1944:
Sea of Okhotsk. At 0730, fleet oiler TEIYO MARU escorted by destroer SHIRAKUMO becomes trapped in an ice field at 45-23N, 143-30E. At 2100 loses power.

10 January 1944:
ODOMARI arrives and breaks TEIYO MARU free of the ice. At 1000, TEIYO MARU is able to navigate, but with difficulty. By 1430, she makes it to 45-30N, 142-37E

26 February 1944:
Captain Chijiwa Choji (37)(former XO of ABUKUMA) is appointed CO.

2 June 1944:
Wakkanai, Hokkaido. A fire breaks out on ODOMARI.

July 1945:
Towed to Yokosuka.

30 August 1945:
Yokosuka. Surrendered.

15 September 1945:
Removed from the Navy list.

5 October 1945:
Captain Chijiwa is relieved of command. A new CO is not immediately appointed.

December 1945:
Considered for use as a repatriation vessel, but not used because of excessive boiler wear. Also, her thermal insulation would have rendered her unsuitable for voyages to warmer waters.

8 January 1946:
Captain Tomura Kiyoshi (49)(former CO of Chinkai Defense Corps) is appointed CO.

28 January-15 February 1946:
Yokosuka. Undergoes repairs.

20 March 1946:
Captain Tomura is relieved of command. No new COs are appointed.

Transferred to Tsurumi, later to Nagaura.

October 1949-March 1950:

Author's Notes:
Little data were found for ODOMARI’s wartime movements. Readers with access to such data are requested to post the information on the Discussion and Questions board or's IJN Ship Message Board

Thanks go to Matthew Jones of Mississippi, USA for identifying some COs.

-Bob Hackett, Sander Kingsepp and Peter Cundall.

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