Notoro Class

(NOTORO by Takeshi Yuki scanned from "Color Paintings of Japanese Warships")

Completed in 1920 at Kawasaki's Kobe shipyard as a SHIRETOKU-class fleet oiler. The NOTORO was converted to a seaplane carrier in 1924 until she was reconverted to a fleet tanker in 1942. The NOTORO was the only seaplane carrier of her class.

Year Completed 1920
Displacement 14, 050-tons.
Dimensions Length 456', beam 58', draft 26'.
Propulsion: 2 VTE engines, 4 Miyabara bolers. 2 shafts, 5, 850 shp; 12 knots.
Armament 2 x 4.7-inch/45-cal, 2 x 3-inch/40-cal AA
Conversion: The space between her well decks is fitted with a platform supported by stanchions level with the bridge. The platform provided space and cover for her eight floatplanes; cargo booms are fitted to lower and recover floatplanes. No catapult.
Aircraft: Eight Type 14-1 Yokosuka E1Y1 three-seat reconnaissance floatplanes, two of which are disassembled reserves. Later, carries eight Type 95 Kawanishi E8N “Dave” 2 seat float biplanes,