NISSHO MARU No. 5 - Class Auxiliary Transport

(NISSHO MARU No. 5 prewar – Peter Cundall’s collection)

This class consists of NISSHO MARU No. 5 only, completed in Mar ‘35 for Marusho Kaiun K.K. She was requisitioned by the IJN in Aug ’41 and converted in Sep ’41 to an auxiliary netlayer. NISSHO MARU No. 5 was re-rated as an auxiliary transport in Oct ’43. She was bombed and sunk by US carrier-based aircraft in Mar ‘44.

Builder and Year Completed: Osaka. Ohara Zosen Tekkosho K.K.
Gross tonnage: 782-tons.
Dimensions: 180.4' (Lpp) x 31.2' x 15.4'
Propulsion: One triple expansion reciprocating steam engine, one shaft, 490 bhp.
Speed: unknown.
Armament: As netlayer: (standard armament): One 8cm/40cal deck gun, one DC launcher, two DC racks, 24 DCs, two catching nets, one K type hydrophone.
As transport: Unknown.