Nikkin Maru Class Transport

(Similar sized ship, prewar)

In 1920, WEST IVAN (later NIKKIN MARU) was completed as a cargo ship for the United States Shipping Board Merchant Fleet Corporation.
In '42, NIKKIN MARU was confiscated by the Japanese at an unknown location, possibly the Philippines. Thereafter, she was requisitioned by
the Imperial Army (IJA) as a Haitosen Army/Civilian (A/C-AK) shared employment cargo ship. In 44, she was sunk by an American submarine.

Builder and
Year Completed:
J. F. Duthie & Company, Seattle, WA.
Gross tonnage: 5,802-tons.
Dimensions: 410'3" (LPP) x 54'2" x 27'7"
Propulsion: Steam turbine, 359 n.h.p., single screw.
Speed: E 10 knots
Armament: Depth charges