NICHIYU MARU-Class Auxiliary Transport


This class consisted of NICHIYU MARU only completed in Dec 38 for Nissan Kisen K.K. She was requisitioned by the IJN in Dec 40 and converted to an auxiliary minelayer and rerated in Jul 42 as an auxiliary transport. She was torpedoed and damaged beyond repair by an American submarine in Mar 43 and further damaged by aircraft and shelling in Jun 44.

Builder and Years Completed: Kojagijima. Kawaminami Kogyo K.K. Shipyard
Gross tonnage: 6,817-tons
Dimensions: 451.4' (Lpp) x 58.1' x 32.8'
Propulsion: One Triple Expansion Steam Engine, one shaft, 3,600 bhp
Speed: 14 knots cruising, 19 knots max.
Armament and equipment: Four 12cm deck guns, two Type 93 13mm MGs, two 7.7mm MGs, 400 to 500 mines, one 90cm searchlight, one 2.5m rangefinder.