NICHIRIN MARU - Class Auxiliary Transport

(MATA HARI later NICHIRIN MARU, as seen in 1915)

NICHIRIN MARU was completed as MATA HARI in 1915 for British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd., South Shields. Sold to Peninsula & Oriental Steam Navigation Co, in Aug 24. Requisitioned in Sep 39 by the Admiralty as an auxiliary patrol vessel in the Malayan Auxiliary Fleet. Captured in Feb 42 by the Japanese and renamed NICHIRIN MARU in Oct 42. Registered in the IJN in Nov 42 as an auxiliary transport. Bombed and sunk by USN aircraft in Mar 45.

Builder and Year Completed: South Shields, U.K. Charles Rennoldson & Co. Ltd.
Gross tonnage: 1,020-tons.
Dimensions: 220.0' (Lpp) x 35.2' x 13.0'
Propulsion: One Triple-expansion steam engine, one shaft, 850 ihp
Speed: Cruising: 9 knots Max: unknown.
Armament: One 8cm deck gun, one 7.7mm MG, four DCs.