Nachi Maru Class Auxiliary Submarine Depot Ship

(Nachi Maru as a prewar OSK liner)

NACHI MARU was requisitioned by the IJN in 1943 and converted to an auxiliary gun ship. She remained in this role until early 1945 when she was reconverted to an auxiliary submarine depot ship for midget submarines. NACHI MARU survived the war and later was used as a repatriation ship by the Allies. Her sister was hospital ship MURO MARU.

Builder and Year Completed: Mitsubishi, Kobe, 1926
Displacement: 1,605-tons.
Dimensions: 230' x 37' x 20'
Propulsion: 2 Mitsubishi Vickers diesel engines, 2 shafts, 1, 397 b.h.p., 14.5 knots.
Armament: 2 single mount 3.15-inch (80-mm), 7.7 mm MGs.