Myoko Maru Class Auxiliary Transport

(MYOKO MARU, prewar)

Transport MYOKO MARU was torpedoed by an American submarine and sank off the Bismarcks in Jun '43.

HAKKAI MARU was converted to an auxiliary repair and salvage ship in '41. Her main operating bases were at
Paramushiro, Kurile Islands and later at Rabaul, New Britain in the Bismarcks. HAKKAI MARU was sunk
at Rabaul in Jan' 44.

Builder: Tama Shipbuilding, Tamano,
Years Completed: MYOKO MARU (1937), HAKKAI MARU (1939)
Gross Tonnage: 5,081-5,114-tons.
Dimensions: 442' x 58 x 27.2
Propulsion: 1 diesel engine, 1 shaft, 855 n.h.p.; 12 knots.
Armament: 2 x 120-mm (4.7-inch) guns. At least 2 x 25-mm AA.