Tabular Record of Movement

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15 May 1918:
Nagasaki. Laid down at Mitsubishi Zosensho Shipyard as Yard No. 279, a 5,354-ton cargo ship.

Sold to the Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) Line of Tokyo.

16 October 1919:
Launched and named MURORAN MARU.

10 November 1919:
Completed. MURORAN MARU carries a crew of 68. Placed on NYK’s Calcutta ~ Japan ~ New York service.

August 1920:
Departs Singapore for New York via the Suez Canal.

10 November 1920:
Arrives at Ellis Island, New York from Japan.

1 March 1921:
Arrives at Ellis Island from Calcutta, India

16 October 1919:
Arrives at Ellis Island, from Japan, Algeria and Calcutta, India via Port Said, Egypt.

28 August 1926:
Arrives at Singapore.

28 August 1926:
Departs Singapore for Calcutta.

1 December 1936:
Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) restores its Yokohama ~ Sydney service with MURORAN, CALCUTTA and MORIOKA MARUs.

15 December 1936:
Departs Kobe for Hawaii with a cargo of foodstuffs.

2 January 1937:
Arrives at Honolulu and unloads.

23 January 1937:
Arrives at Sydney, Australia.

29 April 1937:
Victoria Dock, Melbourne, Australia. MURORAN MARU dresses ship in honor of the emperor of Japan's birthday.

6 December 1938:
Melbourne. MURORAN MARU is at Victoria Dock.

E 22 March 1939:
Arrives at Brisbane, Australia.

E April 1939:
Departs Brisbane for Korea carrying 200 Australian-bred sheep.

15 September 1937:
Requisitioned by the Imperial Army (IJA). Alloted IJA No.370.

20 March 1938:
Released by the IJA back to her owners.

16 September 1941:
Re-requisitioned by the IJA.

31 July 1942:
Released by the IJA back to her owners.

10 December 1942:
MURORAN MARU arrives at Yokosuka in East Convoy No. 40 also consisting of CHILE, KINREI, KONEI TAIRAI, TAMASHIMA, TORYU and SEISHU MARUs escorted by hydrographic survey ship KOMAHASHI.

E 28 February 1943:
MURORAN MARU arrives at Tokyo Bay in convoy 8225 also consisting of NIIGATA and KINRYU MARUs escorted by hydrographic survey ship KOMAHASHI.

21 April 1943:
At 0600 MURORAN MARU departs Imari Wan (Bay) in convoy SA-9 also consisting of CHUKA, FUKUEI, KOZAN, MIIKESAN, NARUO, RYOYO and UJINA MARUs escorted by minelayer KAMOME.

23 April 1943:
Arrives at Hua Niao Shan, China where some merchants are detached.

15 June 1943:
MURORAN MARU departs St Jacques in convoy No. 586 also consisting of ATAGO MARU and EIYO MARUs escorted by auxiliary gunboat CHOJUSAN MARU.

18 June 1943:
Arrives at Singapore.

7 July 1943:
At 1400, MURORAN MARU departs Moji in convoy No. 173 also consisting of ASAKA, GYOKUREI, HIROTA, KYOKKO, NACHISAN RYUKO and TAIYU MARUs and tankers ZUIYO and KOSHIN MARUs and KYOEI MARU No. 2 escorted by torpedo boat HAYABUSA and patrol PB-36.

13 July 1943:
At 0950, arrives at Takao.

7 October 1943:
Re-requisitioned by the IJA.

18 October 1943:
At 1420, MURORAN MARU departs Moji for Takao in convoy No. 107 also consisting of JINZAN, MANTAI, KENSEI, NITTATSU, NICHINAN, HOKOKU, KOHOKU and SHOEI MARUs and OGURA MARU No. 3 and SHINSEI MARU No. 1 and tanker SAN PEDRO MARU transporting 300 cans gasoline escorted by patrol boat PB-36.

24 October 1943:
Arrives at Takao.

19 November 1943:
MURORAN MARU departs Manila in convoy No. 874 also consisting of HINODE, ROKKO, SHONAN, SHUNKO, and TACHIBANA (6521 GRT) MARUs and two unidentified merchant ships escorted by kaibokan ETOROFU.

24 November 1943:
Arrives at Takao.

3 December 1943:
MURORAN MARU departs Takao for Mutsure in a convoy also consisting of GETSUYO, INARI, KOSHIN (5485 gt), MANKO, MYOGI, SAN LUIS and YUBAE MARUs and possibly others with unknown escort.

10 December 1943:
Arrives at Mutsure.

8 March 1944:
MURORAN MARU departs Moji in convoy MOTA-09 also consisting of liner TEIRITSU MARU (ex-French LECONTE DE LISLE) and cargo ships BATOPAHAT, TAKETOYO, HAMBURG, KYOKUZAN, MATSUE, CHUYO, BUNZAN, TAIYU, SHOEI MARUs, HINO MARU No. 1 and tankers OGURA MARU No. 2 and SAN LUIS MARU and ore carrier DAIZEN MARU escorted by destroyer WAKATAKE and patrol boat PB-38. Later that day, arrives at Tomie Bay, Goto Retto, Fukue-Jima.

9 March 1944:
Convoy MOTA-09 departs Tomie Bay for Takao.

E 10 March 1944:
Patrol boat PB-38 joins the escort of MOTA-09.

11 March 1944:
CHUYO MARU develops engine trouble. At 0950, PB-38 is detached to find her, but is unsuccessful and later rejoins the convoy.

12 March 1944:
Minelayer MAESHIMA joins the escort of the convoy.

13 March 1944:
At 1844, an enemy submarine is detected at 25-58N, 121-34E. The escorts drop 50 depth charges and drive it off.

14 March1944:
PB-38 detects another enemy submarine and drives it away by dropping three depth charges. Convoy MOTA-09 arrives at Mako.

15 February 1944:
Departs Mako. At 1845, arrives at Takao.

27 April 1944:
At 1400, MURORAN MARU departs Singapore for Saigon in convoy SHISA-18 also consisting of TATEISHI and TSURUSHIMA MARUs without escort.

1 May 1944:
At 1000, arrives at St Jacques.

6 May 1944:
MURORAN MARU departs Saigon in a convoy also consisting of NORWAY MARU with unknown escort.

13 May 1944:
Arrives at Manila.

28 May 1944:
At 1300, MURORAN MARU departs Manila in convoy H-27 also consisting of SHINNO, KOHOKU, KOSEI, TAIYU, TEIYU (ex-Italian CARIGNANO), SHIROGANESAN and JUZAN MARUs escorted by destroyer TSUGA, patrol boat PB-102 (ex-USS STEWART, DD-224), PB-104, subchaser CH-38 and auxiliary netlayer KOREI MARU.

3 June 1944:
At 2044, arrives at Banka anchorage, NE Celebes.

4 June 1944:
At 0555, departs Banka anchorage.

8 June 1944:
At 1617, arrives at Wasile, Halmahera.

16 June 1944:
MURORAN MARU departs Halmahera in an unknown “M” series convoy consisting of ATSUTA, BELGIUM, GENKAI, HINODE, KANKYO, PACIFIC, TEIYU, TSUKUBASAN and YUKI MARUs with unknown escort.

3 July 1944:
MURORAN MARU departs Manila in convoy MAYU-04 also consisting of HOKUSHIN MARU and four unidentified ships escorted by destroyer KURETAKE and ASAGAO and kaibokan CD-2.

7 July 1944:
Convoy MAYU-04 arrives at Yulin, Hainan Island.

15 July 1944:
MURORAN MARU departs Hainan Island for Takao in convoy YUTA-09 also consisting of JUNPO, MACASSAR, PACIFIC, TATSUWA and TEIRYU (ex-German AUGSBURG) MARUs and two unidentified merchant ships escorted by destroyer KURETAKE and auxiliary gunboats PEKING and HUASHAN (KAZAN) MARUs.

19 July 1944:
At 0532 (I), LtCdr (later Rear Admiral) Norvell G. Ward's (USNA ’35) USS GUARDFISH (SS-217) SJ radar makes contact on an escorted convoy heading NNW at 22,500 yards. At 0610 (I), GUARDFISH submerges and tracks the convoy. At 0743 (I) Ward fires his last four forward torpedoes from 1,000 yards and gets two hits.

At about 0745 (JST), TEIRYU MARU is torpedoed port side in the lower part of the boiler room that completely floods. At 0746 (I), GUARDFISH’s crew hears a hit on the second ship in the convoy, but they also hear a torpedo pass over their submarine. Ward judges one of his torpedoes made a circular run. At about 0753, TEIRYU MARU splits in two amidships and sinks at 19-08N, 116-13E about 400 km SSE of Hong Kong. 108 passengers, three auxiliary gunners and 38 crew are killed. From 0749 to 0800 (I), GUARDFISH suffers many depth charges from two of the escorts, but survives. At 1808, the convoy arrives at North San Fernando, Philippines.

21 July 1944:
Convoy YUTA-09 departs North San Fernando, Luzon for Takao. At 2255, after leaving port, PEKING MARU runs aground at 17-31N 120-22E and is left behind.

At an unknown date, because of the American submarine threat, the convoy is ordered to return to North San Fernando. Kaibokan CD-10 joins the convoy near North San Fernando.

24 July 1944:
North San Fernando. TATSUWA MARU coals HAKOZAKI MARU.

26 July 1944:
Convoy YUTA-09 and convoy MATA-25 depart North San Fernando. MATA-25 consists of HAKOZAKI, SEIGA, SHINFUKU MARUs, NISSHO MARU No. 18 and two unidentified merchants escorted by subchaser CH-48, auxiliary netlayer KISHIN MARU, auxiliary subchaser SHONAN MARU No. 8 and an unidentified small warship.

28 July 1944:
At 1545, the convoys arrive at Takao.

11 September 1944:
At 1500, MURORAN MARU departs Moji for Takao in convoy MOTA-26 also consisting of DAIIKU, DAIKYO, DAIZEN, FUYUKAWA, GASSAN, HAKUSAN, HIDA, HOTEN, MACASSAR, MANILA, NANKING, PEKING, SEIZAN and JUNHO MARUs and NICHIYU MARU No. 2 and tanker DAISHO MARU escorted by destroyer HARUKAZE, kaibokan CD-9 and CD-26 and subchaser CH-56

16 September 1944:
GASSAN, HAKUSAN and SEIZAN MARUs are detached and later that day arrive at Kirun, Formosa (Keelung, Taiwan).

17 September 1944:
At 1300, arrives at Takao.

1 October 1944:
At 1700, MURORAN MARU departs Takao in convoy TAMA-28 also consisting of CHOSAN, FUSHIMI, FUYUKAWA, MACASSAR, SHINSEI, KIZAN, and TAISEI and TSUYAMA MARUs and two unidentified merchant ships escorted by kaibokan DAITO and YASHIRO, patrol boat PB-104, subchaser CH-21, auxiliary gunboat KAZAN (HUASHAN) MARU and auxiliary subchasers CHa-87 and CHa-92.

2 October 1944:
Luzon Strait. At about 2200, during a storm, Cdr Frank C. Acker's (USNA ’32) USS POMFRET (SS-391) torpedoes and sinks TSUYAMA MARU at 20-51N, 121-31. TSUYAMA MARU was carrying 1,600 men of the 2nd Mobile Infantry Regiment, 2nd Tank Division. 1,273 troops and two crewmen are KIA. POMFRET also torpedoes and damages MACASSAR MARU at 21-02N, 121-36.

6 October 1944:
YASHIRO suffers generator problems and is detached.

7 October 1944:
At about 0500, LtCdr Henry C. Stevenson's (USNA ’30) USS ASPRO (SS-309) torpedoes MACASSAR MARU carrying 10th Sea Raiding Battalion (IJA soldiers). She sinks at 17-30N, 119-53E. Four soldiers, one gunner and three crewmen are KIA.

8 October 1944:
At 1745, arrives at North San Fernando. FUSHIMI MARU is detached.

11 October 1944:
At 0600, departs North San Fernando. At 1748, arrives at Masinloc anchorage.

12 October 1944:
At 1320, departs Masinloc.

13 October 1944:
At 0400, arrives at Manila.

8 December 1944:
Released by the IJA back to her owners.

14 December 1944:
MURORAN MARU departs Miike in convoy MOTA-28 also consisting of TEIKAI MARU (ex-German FULDA) and tankers DAINAN, SHINGI, OEI and YAMAZAWA MARUs escorted by kaibokan CD-20 and CD-138. MURORAN MARU carries the 1st Company, 25th Mountain Artillery, 19th Division. TEIKAI MARU carries the 1st Battalion, 76th Infantry, 19th Division and the 76th Infantry’s Rapid Fire Artillery Company (Antitank), Regimental Gun Company and the Regimental Signal Company. Also aboard is 3rd Company, 19th Transportation Regiment, 19th Division; and medical units, 19th Division.

22 December 1944:
Arrives at Takao.

30 December 1944:
At 0800, MURORAN MARU departs North San Fernando for Takao, Formosa in convoy MATA-38 also consisting of KAZUURA, NISSHO and TEIKAI MARUs escorted by destroyer KURETAKE, subchasers CH-21 and CH-18 and three unidentified escorts.

Off Santiago Island, Luzon. At 1310, the convoy undergoes a series of air attacks by 26 of Fifth Air Force's B-25 “Mitchell” medium bombers, A-20 “Havoc” light bombers and P-40 “Warhawk” fighters that skip bomb at low level. MURORAN MARU is mostly empty, but a bomb strikes some ammunition cargo remaining on board and the ship explodes and sinks at 17-11N, 120-24E. All 94 passengers and 71 crewmen are KIA.

Kaibokan CD-20 is also hit and sunk as are TEIKAI and AOBASAN MARUs and subchaser CH-18.

Author's Note:
Thanks go to the late John Whitman for info in Rev 1 about troops carried by MURORAN and TEIKAI MARUs in convoys TAMA-28 and MOTA-28. Thanks also go Erich Muehlthaler of Germany and Berend Van Der Wal of the Netherlands for additional info on convoy MOTA-09.

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