IJN MUKO MARU-Class Auxiliary Transports

(MUKO MARU prewar)

This class consisted of MUKO and NANIWA MARUs, both completed in 1937 for Taihei Kisen K.K., a division of Yamashita Kisen K.K. Their commercial service on Taihei Kisen‘s Kobe ~ New Zealand routes came to an end when both were requisitioned by the IJN as auxiliary transports: MUKO MARU, in Dec ‘40, and NANIWA MARU in Oct ‘41. Both were torpedoed and sunk by American submarines: NANIWA MARU in Aug ‘42, W of Truk Atoll and MUKO MARU in Nov ‘43, N of Truk Atoll.

Builder and Year Completed: Tekkosho Honsha Kojo K.K., Sakurajima, Osaka 1937
Gross tonnage: Muko Maru 4,862-tons,
Naniwa Maru 4,857-tons.
Dimensions: 369.8' x 54.5' x 29.2'
Propulsion: 1 Triple expansion reciprocating steam engine, 2,900 SHP, 1 shaft.
Speed: 12 knots cruising, 15 knots max. knots
Armament: Unknown