Morioka Maru Class Transport

(MORIOKA MARU, prewar)

Completed as a passenger cargo ship in 1920 for Nippon Yusen Kaisha K. K. (Japan Mail Steamship Co.), MORIOKA MARU was in NYK's European service
until 1936 when she was placed on NYK's Yokohama ~ Sydney service. In 1937, she was chartered by the Imperial Army (IJA) and about 1938, released back to NYK
until 1941 when she was requisitioned by the IJA.

In Mar '42, MORIOKA MARU departed Sakito for Formosa, but turned back and struck a defensive Japanese mine. All on board survived, but MORIOKA MARU flooded and sank.

Builder and
Year Completed:
Uraga Dock Co., Ltd., Uraga.
Gross tonnage: 4,469-tons.
Dimensions: 360' x 51' x 28'-4 "
Propulsion: Triple coupled reciprocating steam, 1 shaft, 2,842 HP .
Speed: 10 knots cruising.
Armament: Unknown.