Mikura Class Escort Vessels

(Mikura Type Escort Nomi in 1944)

The eight units of the Mikura Class were designed specifically for use in the anti-submarine role. The first unit was laid down in October 1942. The IJN still did not accord a high priority to the construction of escort vessels for protection of their merchant shipping. Construction time for units of the Mikura class ranged from six months to a year. Tonnage of the Mikura Class was increased to 940-tons. The elevation of the main armament was increased. Depth charge capacity was increased to 120, twice that of the earlier classes.

Builders and
Years Completed:
Displacement: 940-tons standard.
Dimensions: 256.2' x 29.7' x 10'
Propulsion: 2-shaft geared diesel engines, 4200 b.h.p, speed 19.5 knots
Armament: 3 x 4.7-inch 120-mm)/45 cal HA, 4 Type 96 25-mm AA (2x2), 120 depth charges. During the war, the class was rearmed with 14 to 18 Type 96 25-mm guns. In 1944, Type 22 and Type 13 radars and a Type 93 sonar were fitted as was an 8-cm mortar.