MIFUNE MARU-Class Auxiliary Transport

(MIKAGE MARU No. 3 prewar)

MIFUNE MARU was completed in 1928 for Yamamoto Sajiro and later sold to Sanyo K.K. She was sold again in 1931 and renamed MIKAGE MARU No.3 that year by her new owners, Muko Kisen K.K. MIKAGE MARU No. 3 was requisitioned in September 1941 by the IJN and converted to an auxiliary transport. She foundered after a collision with ANZAN MARU, near Tsurishima, Inland Sea in Jul 42.

Builder and Year Completed: Aioi. Harima Zosen K. K.
Gross tonnage: 3,111-tons
Dimensions: 330.4' x 46.6' x 24.9'
Propulsion: 1 Triple expansion steam engine, 1 shaft, 1,800 bhp
Speed: 10 knots cruising, 11 knots max.
Armament: Unknown, if any.