IJN MEITEN MARU-Class Auxiliary Transports

(MEITEN MARU prewar)

This class consisted only of MEITEN MARU, completed in 1938 for Meiji Kaiun K.K. In January 1940, she was chartered to Mitsui Bussan K.K. and placed on their Kobe ~ Dairen route. In Mar 40 she was placed on Mitsui's Philippines routes. In Dec 40, she was requisitioned by the IJN as an auxiliary transport. In Jun 43, her fleet service came to an end when she was torpedoed and sunk by an American submarine, W of Guam, Marianas.

Builder and Year Completed: Tama Zosensho K.K. 1938
Gross tonnage: 4,474-tons
Dimensions: 363.2' x 49.9' x 28.9'
Propulsion: 1 Mitsui B & W 4SA diesel engine, 2,200 BHP, 1 shaft.
Speed: 12 knots cruising, 15 knots max. knots
Armament: One Armstrong type 8cm/40cal., one type 92 7.7mm MG, five type 38 Arisaka rifles, two non-automatic type DC racks on stern
Other fittings: Two pairs of 8cm binoculars and three pairs of x7 power binoculars.