Maya Maru Class Auxiliary Hospital Ship/Transport

(MAYA MARU, prewar)

2012-2013 Bob Hackett

MAYA MARU was completed as a passenger cargo ship in 1925 for the Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) Line. Her sisters were IKOMA, KASAGI and MIKASA MARUs.Requisitioned by the Imperial Army in 1932, MIKASA MARU was in service as a hospital ship between China and Japan. In Oct '44, she was bombed and sunk off Ormoc Bay, Leyte during the reconquest of the Philippines. Transports MAYA, IKOMA AND KASAGI MARUs were all sunk in 1944 by American submarines.

Builder and
Year Completed:
Yokohama Dock Co., Ltd
Gross tonnage: 3,141-3,157-tons.
Dimensions: 325' (LPP) x 46' x 27'
Propulsion: 1 triple expansion engine steam engine, 2,933 i.h.p., 1 shaft
Speed: 12 knots cruising, 15.6 max 17.4 knots maximum
Armament: None as AH, unknown as AP.