MANKO MARU Class - Auxiliary stores ship

(HARUNA MARU, sistership of MANKO MARU, prewar)

This class consists of MANKO, CHICHIBU, CHOKO, HARUNA, HOKO and TAIKO MARUs, completed between 1923 and 1924 for various shipping companies. MANKO and TAIKO MARUs were requisitioned by the IJA and subsequently by the IJN, the former as a chartered stores ship (B-AF) and the latter as a chartered transport (B-AK). The others were requisitioned by the IJN and all converted to auxiliary store ships. They were all sunk from various causes between Mar 42 and Mar 44.

Builder and Year Completed: Yokohama. Yokohama Dock K.K.
TAIKO MARU: Nagasaki.Mitsubishi Zosen K.K.
1923 and 1924
Gross tonnage: Between 1,503-tons to 1,812-tons
Dimensions: 250.3(lpp) x 37.1' x 19.1' (Metres)
Propulsion: One triple expansion steam engine, one shaft, 1,200 shp.
Speed: Cruise: 10 knots Max: 11 knots.
Armament: Unknown.