Manila Maru Class Auxiliary Transport

(ARIZONA MARU, prewar)

ARIZONA MARU was completed as a passenger cargo ship in 1920 for the Osaka Shosen Kaisha (OSK) Line which she served for more than 20 years. ARIZONA MARU's sisters were MANILA, AFRICA, ARABIA and ALABAMA MARUs.

Requisitioned by the Imperial Army in '41, ARIZONA MARU served as an attack transport for the invasions of the Philippines, Java and Guadalcanal. In '42, ARIZONA MARU was sunk off the Solomon Islands by USN and USMC aircraft.

Builder and
Years Completed:
Mitsubishi, Nagasaki
Gross tonnage: 9,696-tons.
Dimensions: 475 x 61 x 28.3
Propulsion: Triple expansion reciprocating steam engine, 8,160 h.p., 1 shaft, 14 knots cruising, 16.6 knots maximum
Armament: Six Type 88 75mm AA and 10 Type 98 20-mm AA machine cannons.