Ma-101 Class Minelayer
(A Barricade-class boom defence vessel)

Ma-101 was a captured British BARRICADE-class boom defense vessel. Scuttled at the Fall of Hong Kong, she was salvaged and put into service by the IJN as a dual- pupose light minelayer/netlayer. In 1944, she was sunk at Saipan by an American destroyer. Later, she was salvaged again and turned over to China in 1947.

Builders and Year Completed: UK Lobnitz.
Displacement: 730-tons standard.
Dimensions: 172' by 31'8" by 9'4"
Propulsion and Speed: 1-shaft recipro, 2 boilers, 850 ihp; 11.75 knots.
Armament: 1 x 80-mm (3-inch)/40cal AA gun, 6-25mm AA, mines.