(KUMANO MARU postwar)

IJA Landing Craft Depot Ship KUMANO MARU:
Tabular Record of Movement

© 2010-2011 Bob Hackett and Peter Cundall

15 August 1944:
Innoshima. Laid down at Hitachi Shipbuilding as a Standard Type M cargo ship. Requisitioned by the Army during construction, redesigned as a landing craft transport, and designated a Type B landing ship.

28 January 1945:
Launched and named KUMANO MARU. Her funnel is sited horizontally on the starboard side.

31 March 1945:
Completed. Fitted with a flying-off deck for her planned complement of aircraft. Landing craft were to be launched in the same manner as other IJA landing craft depot ships. [1]

15 August 1945: End of Hostilities with the Allied Powers:

September 1945-1947:
Used as repatriation ship to transport former Imperial troops to homeland.

December 1945:
Officially assigned to the Allied Repatriation Service.

Sold to Kawasaki Kisen K. K. Line and converted to a conventional merchant ship.

Scrapped. [2]

Removed from the Army Ships List.

Authors’ Note:
[1] The number of aircraft to be carried varied from 8 to 37 based on the type of aircraft and the number of landing craft stored in the hold.

[2] According to one source, KUMANO MARU's hulk was allocated for use as a breakwater at Hachijo Jima, but it is unclear if this happened.

-Bob Hackett and Peter Cundall