KOSHIN MARU Class Auxiliary Transport

(KOSHIN MARU prewar)

This class consists of KOSHIN, ASAKAZE, NISSAN, HITACHI, NICHII, NICHIRO, NICHIZUI and HIBARI MARUs and near-sister KOGYO MARU (built by Uraga Dock K.K.), completed between Sep 38 and Sep 42 for various shipping companies. All were requisitioned by the IJN, KOSHIN MARU being converted to an auxiliary transport, ASAKAZE and NISSAN MARUs being converted to collier/oilers, NICHII, NICHIRO, KOGYO and HITACHI MARUs being converted to ammunition ships, the latter being rerated as an auxiliary transport, and NICHIZUI and HIBARI MARUs serving as general requisitioned transports. All were sunk between Jun 42 and Oct 45 from various causes.

Builder and Year Completed: Innoshima. Osaka Ironworks K.K. shipyard Between 1938 and 1942
Gross tonnage: From 6,353-tons to 6,584-tons
Dimensions: 423.9' Lpp x 57.4' x 34.4'
Propulsion: Steam turbines, 1 shaft, 2600 bhp.
Speed: 12 knots cruising, 17 knots max.
Armament: Various depending service.