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28 July 1937:
Osaka. Keel laid down at Osaka Tekkosho (Iron Works) K.K. Sakurajima Kojo (Yard) as Yard No. 1328, a 1,535-ton cargo ship for Dairen (formerly Port Arthur) Kisen K. K. (D.K.K. Line) of Manchukuo (Manchuria)(now Dalian, China).

25 October 1937:
Launched and named KOGA MARU.[1]

15 December 1937:

E 1938 ~ 1945?:
Placed on D.K.K.'s Dairen ~ Tsingtao ~ Shanghai route. KOGA MARU was probably operated civilian until late in the war.

Requisitioned by the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA). IJA number and date unknown.

15 May 1945 :
KOGA MARU departs Otaru in convoy "He" also consisting of SHICHIYO and TETSUYO MARUs escorted by kaibokan CD-47 and CD-205.

19 May 1945 :
Arrives at Kataoka Bay, Paramushiro.

26 July 1945 :
Kuriles. At about 0300, Reserve LtCdr James L. Hunnicut's USS CARP (SS-338) fires two torpedoes and gets one hit that stops KOGA MARU's engine. CARP loses the target's radar pip at 45-10N, 145-28E, One crewman is KIA. [2]

Authors' Notes :
[1] Not to be confused with auxiliary stores ship KOGA MARU.

[2] Japanese author Komamiya Shinshichiro says KOGA MARU was sunk by aircraft on 31 July 1945.

Thanks go to Erich Muehlthaler of Germany.

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