IJN KIMISHIMA MARU-Class Auxiliary Transports


This class consisted only of KIMISHIMA MARU, completed in 1938 for Iino Kisen K. K. of Kobe. She was assigned to their Kobe–Formosa commercial runs until Aug ’40 when she was briefly requisitioned by the IJA. In Oct ’40, she was enlisted in the IJN as an auxiliary transport. KIMISHIMA MARU was torpedoed and sunk by an American submarine in Feb ‘44, NW of Tori-shima, Izu Islands on her way to Saipan.

Builder and Year Completed: Seitetsu Zosen K.K., Tsurumi. 1938
Gross tonnage: 5,193-tons
Dimensions: 400.3' x 54.1' x 30.5'
Propulsion: 1 Steam Turbine, 2,600 NHP, 1 shaft.
Speed: 16.5 knots
Armament: Unknown