Seishu Class Crane Ship

The Imperial Army's SEISHU-Class Crane Ship was equipped with a 147-ton crane and one 20-ton derrick to transport and handle 12-inch (305-mm) turrets of old disarmed battleships. SEISHU transported the turrets from the breakersí yards to various locations for use in coast defense. She was surrendered at Singapore at war's end, but lost in 1946 to a Typhoon off Hong Kong.

Builder and Year Completed: Ishikawajima SB, 1927.
Displacement: 2,035-tons.
Dimensions: 198' 2'' x 49"4'' x 9'
Propulsion: 1-shaft, reciprocating, 2 boilers, 1400 ihp
10.2 knots.
Armament & Equipment: 1-8cm/40cal gun, 1-147 ton crane, 1-20 ton crane