KENYO MARU-Class Auxiliary Transports

(KENYO MARU prewar)

This class consisted of KENYO MARU only, completed in 1938 for Inui Kisen K.K. Chartered to Mitsui Bussan K.K. to transport coal between Sakhalin and Dairen, she was requisitioned by the IJN in Sep 41. KENYO MARU was torpedoed and sunk by an American submarine N of Saipan, in Mar 43.

Builder and Year Completed: Harima K.K. Zosensho, Aioi
Gross tonnage: 6,486-tons
Dimensions: 438.6' x 58.4' x 32.8'
Propulsion: 1 Steam Turbine, 4,200 BHP, 1 shaft.
Speed: 14 knots cruising, 17.5 knots max.
Armament: Unknown.