KEISHIN MARU Class Auxiliary Transport

(YOSHINOGAWA MARU, sistership of KEISHIN MARU prewar)

This class consists of KEISHIN and YOSHINOGAWA MARUs, respectively completed in Apr 40 and Jun 41 for different shipping companies. Both were requisitioned by the IJN, KEISHIN MARU being converted to an auxiliary gunboat and YOSHINOGAWA MARU to an auxiliary transport. Both were torpedoed and sunk by USN submarines, YOSHINOGAWA MARU in Jan 43 and her sistership in May 43.

Builder and Years Completed: Osaka. Sayonasu Dock K.K. shipyard
1940 and 1941
Gross tonnage: 1,422-tons and 1,434-tons
Dimensions: 224.4' Lpp x 35.8' x 18.7'
Propulsion: One triple expansion reciprocated steam engine, 1 shaft, 1,000 s.h.p.
Speed: Cruising 11 knots - Max?
Armament and equipment: Unknown.