KAZAN MARU-Class Auxiliary Transport

(KAZAN MARU prewar)

This class consists of KAZAN and TOZAN MARUs, respectively completed in Mar and May 26 for Nisshin Kisen K.K. Both were requisitioned by the IJN in 41 and converted to auxiliary gunboats; In Oct 41, TOZAN MARU was converted to an auxiliary transport. TOZAN MARU ran aground and sank in Aug 43. KAZAN MARU survived the war and was broken up in 1959.

Builder and Years Completed: Sakurajima. Osaka Ironworks K.K. Shipyard
Gross tonnage: 2,089-tons and 2,103-tons
Dimensions: 399.9' (Lpp) x 41.0' x 21.0'
Propulsion: One Triple Expansion Steam Engine, one shaft, 1,200 bhp
Speed: Cruising: 10 knots. Max: unknown.
Armament: As auxiliary gunboat: Cannon, MGs and depth-charges.
As auxiliary transport: Unknown