IJN Kazahaya Class Oiler

(Kazahaya by Frank Halbe of Germany)

In March 1943, KAZAHAYA was completed and registered in the IJN as a Fleet Tanker. She was the only ship of her class completed. Short-lived KAZAHAYA was torpedoed and sunk in October 1943.

Builder and Year Completed: Harima Ship Building and Engineering, 1943
Displacement: 18,300-tons.
Dimensions: 460' x 59.6 x 27.11
Propulsion: 1-shaft geared turbine, 2 Kampon boilers, 9,500 shp; speed 16.5 knots.
Cargo Capacity: Oil: 10,000-tons
Gasoline: 1,000 tons.
Armament: 3 x 120-mm/(4.7-inch) 45 cal guns, 6 x Type 96 25-mm AA.