KASUMI MARU - Class Auxiliary Transport

(KAMPAR later KASUMI MARU, prewar)

KASUMI MARU was laid down as a 971-tons passenger/cargo ship and named KAMPAR for Straits Steamship Co. Ltd., Singapore. She was requisitioned in Aug 39 by the Admiralty as an auxiliary (coastal) anti-submarine vessel. In Dec 41, she was bombed by Japanese aircraft and declared a total loss. Her wreck was seized by the Japanese in May 42 and after repairs, she was renamed KASUMI MARU in 43. Registered in the IJN in Oct 43 as an auxiliary transport, she struck a mine and sank in the Malacca Strait in May 44.

Builder and Year Completed: Kowloon, H-K. Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock Co. Ltd.
Gross tonnage: 971-tons
Dimensions: 223.1' (Lpp) x 35.8' x 13.1'
Propulsion: One triple expansion steam engine, one shaft, 106 nhp.
Speed: Cruising: Unknown.
Armament: As British auxiliary anti-submarine vessel: One AA 12-pdr gun. As IJN auxiliary transport: Unknown.