Kaisoku Maru Class Auxiliary Oiler


After being chartered by the IJN's Yokosuka Naval District in 1940, KAISOKU MARU was requisitioned by the Imperial Army (IJA) as an auxiliary tanker in 1942. During WW2, she mainly shuttled between Sumatra and Singapore carrying fuel oil. She was bombed by USN carrier aircraft and sunk off NE Shimokamagari-jima, near Hiro, in Jul '45.

Builder and
Year Completed:
Yokohama Dock Co., Ltd, Yokohama..
Gross tonnage: 1,064-tons.
Dimensions: 218' (LPP) x 34' W x 17.8' D
Propulsion and Speed: M.A.N. diesel engine, 700 BHP, 12.5 knots
Oil Cargo Capacity: Unknown
Armament: Unknown.